We all know that warming up before a workout is a good call. But we don’t all have an extra ten minutes for a warm up jog before our workout begins. Our Snapbac heat therapy pods warm your muscles on-the-go, helping you speed up blood flow, increase cellular metabolism and bring nutrients to your muscles, without sacrificing any more time.


Take your workout to the next level by training in our advanced, graduated compression gear. Our top-of-the-line performance compression improves muscle stabilization, decreases swelling and aids in proper circulation while you train at your best.


Icing is good. Icing while wearing compression is great. The combination of the two speeds up muscle repair and rebuild, while also decreasing inflammation and increasing central blood flow.


Dr. Andy WalsheFormer Senior Consultant for the Australian Institute of Sport

Real, compelling science is what inspires us. Our performance innovations are born out of the latest scientific findings from universities and sports-science organizations across the world. This research is then analyzed and incorporated into product design under the guidance of Andy Walshe, a former Senior Consultant for the Australian Institute of Sport, the NSW Institute of Sport, the Queensland Institute of Sport and the Red Bull High Performance Director.


Yes. Our team of applied bio-mechanists have conducted Snapbac-specific research to investigate the peak power changes in youth athletes using our Complete Training Tight and Cold Therapy Pod. The purpose of this study was to compare and evaluate three modalities:

  1. Pre-cooling the femoral artery using Snapbac compression tights and cold therapy pods.
  2. Just using the Snapbac compression tights.
  3. Using no compression at all.

We measured the effects on performance in vertical jump and reaction time in young athletes and found pre-cooling with Snapbac Cold Therapy Pods and compression tights produces the best results. This positive result could be attributed to both thermoregulation of the brain, as well as perhaps a reduction in core temperature creating a less stress, homeostasis in the body to perform at a higher level.


To date, nearly 200 studies surrounding compression in the sport have been conducted with thousands of athlete participants. The overwhelming research indicates that proper levels of compression aid in athletes' performance and recovery. More recently, studies have also shown improved recovery scores when icing and compression are combined post-workout. The benefits of compression and temperature therapy deliver physiological benefits for athletes training and competing at every level.

The benefits of compression and temperature therapy deliver physiological benefits to athletes training and competing at every level. Snapbac combines the healing benefits of temperature therapy with the performance enhancing and recovery benefits of compression. It's important to make sure you are using a legitimate compression fabric and not merely a compressive/tight garment. Snapbac uses a technical performance fabric, with 195 gsm, providing a high level of compression. The design also features elevated compression, which means it's tightest at the extremities of the body and gradually decreases towards the torso. This promotes increased circulation towards the heart. Increasing circulation has many benefits both during physical activity and after.

At the beginning of a workout, increased blood flow helps you warm up faster. During exercise, compression helps you increase your endurance, reduce damage and make athletic gains muscle.Oxygenation is improved by increased circulation, which lessens muscle fatigue, helping you maintain stamina and power throughout your workout. Compression also holds muscles firmly against the body to heighten muscle response and reduce muscle vibration for a reduction in microdamage. Immediately after a workout, compression helps prevent lactic acid build-up in muscles, accelerating muscle repair and reducing soreness.


Snapbac’s patented Complete Training Clothing is the only training gear that allows athletes to address all three phases of training (warm up, work out, recovery) in a single garment. The warm-up (heating) and recovery (icing) phases of training are often inconvenient, time-consuming and neglected. Snapbac’s Complete Training Clothing allows athletes to properly address all their training phases needs in one simple product.

In addition, much of what’s out there in the marketplace is NOT compression, but rather “shapewear.” So the benefits of true compression are lost. Our Complete Training Tights utilize a proper, graduated compression from thigh to ankle, with a proprietary method of shortening the length of the tight for a custom fit, without sacrificing the mmHg level at the cuff. The multiple fabrics utilized throughout the garments are also the finest in their respective classes, as they retain elasticity properties due to the developed DuPont® Lycra® blend.


Snapbac is for every athlete, during every training occasion. While the warm up and recovery aspects of the Complete Training garments benefit across a myriad of sports, the outer mesh lining of the garment is not intended for use in high contact sports or where there is a high likelihood of abrasions to the garments.

Warming Up

Scientific findings indicate benefits in both performance and recovery with the use of proper graduated compression. In addition, the compression found in our Complete Training Clothing,coupled with our Hot Therapy Pods, is proven to be a highly effective tool for warming up the muscles prior to training. The muscle temperatures increase, providing increased flexibility and muscle response-time.

Working Out

Optimal compression increases blood flow to the muscles and limits muscle movement,preventing micro-tears. As a result, muscle fatigue is minimized, along with soreness and injury risk. Improved performance results are shown when properly designed compression is worn during multiple levels of training.


The most extensive studies on the benefits of compression amongst athletes have focused on the recovery benefits. Science has shown that post-workout compression use improves blood flow, reduces swelling and aids in the removal of fluid. Muscles tend to repair more quickly as a result and toxins are removed from the bloodstream. This process is enhanced with the incorporation of cold therapy, which our Snapbac’s Complete Training Clothing and cold therapy pods offer.