We make products the everyday athlete doesn’t know about because we’re not the everyday sports performance brand.

In addition to spending time on the pitch, the field, the track, and the road, we’ve spent a lot of time micro-measuring competitive athletes’ performance results, dissecting improvements down to the geekiest equations.

What we’ve discovered is that there’s serious competitive edge that can’t be shrugged, sprinted, lifted, slammed, or spun into being.

This edge is called Precovery. Pro-trainers have long known downtime is important for muscle rebuilding, but most amateur athletes haven’t had access to the kinds of information, products and equipment that boost this critical process to the next level.

And who has the room in their home or their schedule for ice-baths and cryotherapy chambers?

Winning, breaking through, and beating your PB isn’t about giving more time to training. It’s about using the time between workouts (and performances) to help the muscles rebuild stronger, faster.

We’re here to help everyday athletes rest like the best.