Sep 20, 2019

by Team Snapbac

Workout clothing is hugely varied in style, design, functionality, and quality. For the true athletic connoisseur, all four points are desirable, however functionality and quality are non-negotiable and often outrank style and design. The key player in athletic fashion wear would definitely be yoga and Pilates gym tights. The colors and patterns are all there, but how good is the functionality and quality? For those taking their athletic clothes out of the Zen room and into blood, sweat, and tears, you need to be sure they will hold up and do more than make you look good. That’s the primary difference between your stretchy spandex yoga pants and a true sport performance compression pant. That’s the advantage of Snapbac!

Your athletic clothing should do more than cover you up and allow a full range of motion. It should enhance your workout, support your muscles and skeletal frame, and aid in all three phases: warm-up, workout, cool-down. That is why you need compression gear when you put your body to the test. While some clothing may say compression, it is often simply shapewear. They are typically using a low-rate compression like 5 mmHg, mm for millimeter, Hg for mercury from the Latin Hydrargyrum. This is what is used to measure blood pressure. A rating of five is minimal and provides little support, and will not be effective for anything more than light stretching. Quality compression will use graduated compression being tighter at the extremities and lessening towards the core to help move blood to the heart.

Snapbac understood this principle and created gear with graduated compression starting around 18 to 22 mmHg at the cuff of the tights and lessening to 7 to 9 mmHg at the thigh depending on which pant you choose. This clothing technology uses the advantage of medical grade compression to reduce swelling, maintain structural integrity of the body, minimize unwanted muscle movements, promote better blood flow, and eliminate metabolic waste which will all decrease soreness and enhance performance. This is a pant that works out with you!

Another key functionality built in to Snapbac gear are anatomically placed pockets where soreness and injury most often occur. These pockets are fit to hold our ice and heat pods allowing you to apply cold or hot treatments immediately before, during, or after your workout. When you push yourself to the limits, you must take care of your body and treat injuries, stiffness, and pain immediately to keep yourself in the game.

Snapbac put functionality and quality first above all other aspects in sport clothing, however they did not pass on style and design either. All garments are created to minimize bulk by using high-grade, quality fabric in a DuPont® Lycra® blend that retains its elasticity and shape. It comes in navy blue or black with high-shine trim, hidden zippers, and minimal logos. It is stylish enough to wear around town before and after your training to get the benefits of the compression and hot or cold therapy.