Aug 06, 2019

by Team Snapbac

Sports science is constantly evolving not only in how we move, train and recover but also in what we wear. Incredible brands have created dynamic gear to help us perform better, decrease discomfort and injury and even regulate body temperature. However, the newest marriage in athletic clothing is medical grade compression in quality performance gear that has been modified to aid in warm-up, activity and cool-down through the use of ice or thermal pockets along major muscles and joints. Snapbac has become a forerunner in athletic compression designing the ultimate power gear that is ready to train as hard as you are, reduce your risk of injury and support faster recovery. Take a look at some of the science that has gone into the product development and design!

Snapbac is complete training clothing with a high level of graduated compression built into a 195 gsm technical performance fabric. With graduated compression, the clothing is tightest at the extremities while slowly decreasing in pressure towards the center of the body. This benefits circulation by helping extremities return the blood to the heart and increasing the overall rate of blood flow. An increased blood flow speeds up the initial warm-up process and supplies greater amounts of oxygen during a workout which helps reduce muscle fatigue and increase overall endurance. Because compression gear is tight, it actually holds the muscles firmly in their place decreasing muscle vibrations and increasing their responsiveness. The increased support helps to reduce microdamage and unwanted muscle movement. If an athlete stays in their compression after a workout, the increased circulation and physical pressure on the muscles helps clear out lactic acid and reduce post-exercise soreness.

Along with the compression, Snapbac has designed heat and ice therapy pods that slip into the compression clothing at trigger points in the body. The heat packs are ideal for use during your warm-up, and though they are not designed to replace this essential first step to a complete workout, they will speed up the process by speeding up your blood flow which begins to heat up the muscles and increase cellular metabolism. They’re also great for those cold weather workouts.

The ice pack is every athlete’s essential recovery tool, so Snapbac made it easy with ice therapy pods that slip right into your gear. Science has shown that ice and compression together have a greater effect on injuries and recovery then either one alone. Think of the RICE method, raise, ice, compression and elevation. This gear has two out of four covered! The two together speed up muscle repair and decrease inflammation, and having it built into your gear makes it easy and fast! Tests were also run using the cold therapy pods to pre-cool the femoral artery before working out and the results showed improved performance in the vertical jump and reaction speeds when ice and compression were used by young athletes.

Snapbac will continue to incorporate the latest sports science into their apparel to bring the ultimate gear to professional athletes.