Apr 10, 2019

by Team Snapbac

The frost has thawed, the biting winds have dropped to a chill, and spring is here to melt the winter gloom off of our indoor workouts. It’s time to swap the fluorescent lights for sunshine, recycled heating for fresh air and four walls for unlimited space! You may not be jumping into shorts and a t-shirt, but single layer workout gear is now sufficient, and your mesh walled trainers won’t be sinking into snow drifts. So leave the treadmill and stair climber and head outside to take your workout to a new level that gets you excited to train!

For the runners, joggers and power walkers among us, it’s obvious how you can take advantage of the warmer days and set out down a trail or street enjoying a little outdoor time while you amp up your conditioning and endurance. What about the numerous athletes who do not have daily running in their routine?

Springtime is when everyone wants to get outside regardless of their athletic aspirations. You will see neighborhood guys meeting up at the local basketball court, friends getting together at the tennis courts, office companions starting baseball teams and in a short while, everyone at the community pool. This is a great time to cross-train and dabble in a sport that has always entertained you. Get online, check community boards or ask your neighbors and colleagues about any local community teams or pick-up leagues getting together. It may be just you and a friend heading to a wall for handball or a field to practice long passes. No matter what activity or sport you choose, you’ll be burning calories and enjoying the outdoors.

If you’re workout regime is based on plyometrics, calisthenics, Yoga, Pilates, HIIT or any other light, portable equipment or gear free routine, then take it outside! Head to your local park, beach, community field or set up right in your back yard.

If you need a little more spontaneity, go to the childhood classics. Put a hoop in your driveway and challenge your kid, your neighbor or yourself. Gather your whole family outside for a game of tag, hide and seek, dodge ball or flag football. Get back into cycling! This is a great way to build lower body and core strength, stamina and even upper body if you take it off road. If you bike to work or around town, you can be practical and eco-friendly as well.

Use your weekends to go really out of the box and head to a national park for a day of hiking or rock climbing. Head out on Friday for a thru-hike carrying all you need in a backpack and going from one point to another by Sunday evening. Your body will be tired, but your mind will be refreshed.

Don’t forget water sports! Rivers, lakes and oceans provide great opportunities to get fit while enjoying nature. You can kayak, surf, paddle board, try a yoga class on a paddle board, join a rowing team, go white water rafting or simply swim in open waters.

Now that warmer weather is here, you can be as active as you want. Try to plan your day around activities that get you outside and moving. You could even join volunteer groups to clean up litter, build homes for families in need, keep park trails clean and accessible, exercise shelter dogs or buddy up with kids in a big brother or sister program. Opportunities are endless.