Jun 24, 2019

by Team Snapbac

We would be remis to skip over the incredible founders and trainers of workout programs when highlighting talented and powerful athletes, for there are many who may not fall into “standard” team sports. Nate “The Turn up king” Offer can put the fitness levels of league players to shame as he shreds the abs and floors of gyms and stages throughout New Jersey and the world! He may have started his athletic journey with some childhood t-ball, but he went on to become a personal trainer and in 2013 discovered Zumba. This changed his training focus, and within three short years he became a Zumba Master Trainer and is now a leader in their newest format Strong by Zumba.

This is not a dance class! It is only for those truly dedicated to fitness, who have a powerful will to make it through some of the toughest aerobic sessions out there. They have combined the rhythms and incentives of music with high intensity interval training (HIIT) to create synced music motivation that will challenge the fittest of athletes. We were excited to talk with Offer and find out some of his secrets!

Did you dream of being an athlete when you were a child?

I don’t think I always knew I wanted to be an athlete, but I was always active. I just loved to always be involved in something physical.

Was there something or someone that pushed your energy into athletics?

I actually wanted to become an athlete when I found football. This sport made me fall in love with training, pushing myself and wanting to be the best. Growing up watching the NFL made me become a dreamer, that I could be there or be something great one day!

We love how sports inspire us! Would you mind sharing a little about your personal journey? You’ve really stretched yourself beyond the NFL. What were some inspirations or challenges that led you to where you are today?

I became a personal trainer in 2013. From there, that same year, is when I found this brand called Zumba. I always loved dancing but had no idea what Zumba was. Stepping into my first Zumba class and seeing how happy everybody was and how happy it made me feel just to dance, made me fall in love.

From there, I became a licensed Zumba instructor and started teaching. Long story short, in 2016, they created a new program called Strong by Zumba which is a workout where the music is perfectly synced to the moves by reverse engineering, and it is a high intensity tempo training style workout.

This took over my life, and I embodied this program and started traveling nationally and internationally as a master trainer in 2018, leading master classes in front of crowds of 100 to 2000 or more people.

What keeps me going is knowing that I have a platform that not only gets people fit, but I can share my story as a kid coming from a poor upbringing to changing my future and becoming a role model, someone who can inspire change. People now look up to me, and that’s what drives me every day, to not let my supporters down!

That’s an amazing journey and fitness incentive. Once you’ve given it your all during one of your workouts, do you have a favorite post-workout routine?

My favorite post workout routine would have to be stretching and dancing.

Other than always keep dancing, would you like to share any other advice for our readers who may be pursuing athletic goals and dreams?

  1. The biggest advice I can give is believe in yourself even if no one else believes in you.

  2. Never expect anything to be given; always be willing to earn it and work for it.

  3. Never forget where you came from. Stay humble and grounded in your foundation while being confident in what you bring to the table.

  4. Enjoy every moment!!

As other’s are on their own paths of fitness, what motivational methods do you recommend for success?

I listen to a lot of motivational speeches to keep me inspired about what I’m working for. I look up to people like Kevin Hart, The Rock and Ray Lewis because I believe I can live a life just like them and more. I also focus on keeping my work ethic up to the level of their standard.

Also, I use a vision board. Every morning when I wake up, I read this board to remind me of what I’m getting up for and what I’m working towards.

Thank you so much for sharing with us. We are really excited to follow your career and get dancing ourselves!