Sep 03, 2019

by Team Snapbac

How time flies when you’re smashing trails, winning marathons, running through parks, tackling OCRs and enjoying the athletic challenges of the great outdoors! It’s already the end of August and summer is soon going to give way to cooler temperatures, falling leaves, and shorter days. Before we know it the cold and damp will push our favorite exercises back indoors or on the shelf till next year. However, it’s not over yet, so we wanted to step in and pay homage to the best sports, training and outright fun that summer has to offer. Get inspired and challenged to head outdoors and make use of the final days of heat and sun!

We’re all up for running outside anytime of year, but it is definitely more pleasant when you can feel your fingers and toes! As the warmer days begin to cool, challenge yourself to hit new trails, different streets, steeper hills, and longer paths. Get online and search the best places to run in your area. Instead of starting at your driveway, try driving to a new location. Is there a beach or forest nearby? What about a local track where you may be inspired by other runners in your town? Bring back some of the visual interest and new course difficulties. When you run the same streets every day, your feet and muscles get used to the terrain. Trying somewhere new can challenge your muscles and offer different training benefits.

Cycling is another summer favorite and options are as varied as the open road! Where have you not explored this summer? Is there a race or long-distance route you’ve been wanting to try? There is no time like the present because the warm summer weekends are disappearing! If you prefer to take your bike off the beaten path, what mountains and trails are left to tackle this year? Is a road trip with your best mates on the pre-winter agenda? Pump up the tires and check the suspension because it’s time to skid down rocks and jump some creek beds.

Two feet might be preferable to two wheels, but the love of a challenging trail, a steep mountain and a wide expanse of wilderness is the same! When was the last time you strapped on a pack and hit the trails? It’s now or snowshoes, so get your water and snacks and head to the national park. Whether you through-hike for a week or tackle a daunting day trail, the rewards of fresh air and burning muscles will have you swooning for more summer days!

It doesn’t matter what physical pursuit you love most, getting outdoors makes it better! You may be rock climbing, water skiing, lifting weights in the park, playing soccer, baseball, football or challenging your best friends at the local neighborhood court. If you haven’t found the time to get outside and take in the sunshine and warm breezes, it’s not too late. Grab your Snapbac, and go challenge nature!