May 16, 2019

by Team Snapbac

This question is not only for the athletes but for every person who has wanted to better their health, shape their bodies or learn a new sport. With the age of technology, endless YouTube how-to videos and apps that design your perfect workout, it’s a legitimate question. Are we passed the days of needing one-on-one gym assistance? Do we really need someone to design our exercise program? Can’t we download the latest virtual assistant and set out on our own? Despite seeming a simple enough question, it does not have a simple answer. The truth is our need for a personal trainer is well, personal. It depends on our knowledge, our reasons for working out and our personalities. Not everyone needs a trainer, but there are some us that really do. Then there are others that don’t need one but would benefit if they had one. Let’s break this down and see if you are a solo gym goer or need that extra hand.


If you’ve been in athletics and gyms since grade school, you may know more than the average weekend warrior, but if you’ve spent all those years doing the same thing, then you don’t know as much as you could or even should. What you know about working out needs to be more than your TRX class and the five machines you use every week. Our bodies grow accustomed to our movements, and that is why we plateau in our endeavors to better ourselves.

Being familiar with what the machines do, the different movements for utilizing the free weights and bar and tucking in some plyometric moves doesn’t mean you are an expert. A trainer can check your form and technique and tweak minor details to improve your workout and your results while preventing injury. A trainer can also personalize your workouts to meet your physical goals.

Why We Workout

This last point makes a personalized touch crucial to our success. An app or video may be geared to weight loss or tightening your ab muscles, but it cannot take into account your medical history, genetic predispositions, diet, schedule, strengths and weaknesses and the psychology that motivates you. A good trainer will get to know you and build multiple workouts around your physical abilities. A trainer can target muscle groups and problem areas and then offer movements that are designed specifically for the results you want while ensuring you enjoy and feel challenged by your routine. They can also assist with basic nutrition, scheduling and motivation.


That elephant in the room, motivation. This may be the ultimate reason to have a trainer. You are paying them to ensure your success, so you have someone in your life whose sole purpose is to keep you on track with your physical goals! Your running buddy may cancel, but your personal trainer shows up. It’s their job. If follow-through is an issue, a trainer may be your answer.

Now that you’ve looked at the major reasons for working out with a professional, you can decide if you need a trainer or not.