May 24, 2019

by Team Snapbac

Memorial Day weekend is first and foremost a remembrance of our greatest athletes, our warriors, our soldiers, all of those who gave their lives to ensure that we could continue to pursue our dreams freely. When you work out this weekend, push yourself to your limits in honor of all of those who made this life possible. Show them that you are not letting your freedom pass you by, and once you’ve given it your best, take some time to celebrate! This is not a day for sadness but for gratitude. Make it a point to enjoy yourself this Memorial Day weekend and dive in to some classic fun. What’s more classic than American baseball? Perhaps riding a bike, hiking the trails around you or gathering with friends to BBQ and play tag football. We’ve put together some of the best athletic activities and sporting events for you and your family this Memorial Day weekend!

Baseball is the classic choice, and there are a lot of games to choose from. Here’s the line-up that will kick off the weekend on Saturday, the 25th, so find your team and go to the MLB site to check the game times: Twins - White Sox, Royals - Yankees, Cubs - Reds, Blue Jays - Padres, Giants - Diamondbacks, Nationals - Marlins, Athletics - Mariners, Indians - Rays, Brewers - Phillies, Mets - Tigers, Cardinals - Braves, Pirates - Dodgers, Astros - Red Sox, Rockies – Orioles and Angels – Rangers.

If you like things a little chillier, then check out the Ice Hockey World Championship! May 25th, will be the semi-finals and the 26th will be the final showdown. Will Sweden take the gold medal yet again, or is this the year that Canada takes over? According to betting odds, Russia, Finland and the Czech Republic are major contenders and with a “home” advantage, as games will be held in Slovakia.

If you like your sports fast and full-metal sexy, then May 26th is your day as the Indy 500 will be speeding around the curves of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Let your adrenaline soar as 33 drivers will race through 200 laps for a multi-million dollar purse!

Some of us prefer our sports to be calm precision, focused and well, a bit quieter. If so, you may be settling in for the French Open which begins May 26th. This Grand Slam tennis tournament will be at Stade Roland Garros in Paris and feature singles, doubles and mixed doubles play. Will Nadal take home his 12th title?

For sport with a bit more punch, check out MMA up and coming heavyweights battling it out in the Legacy Fighting Alliance. On Friday, May 24th, in Branson, Missouri, Daniel James, ‘The Predator,’ takes on Patrick Martin. In the lightweight division, Dakota Bush, ‘Hairy,’ battles Jaleel Willis, ‘The Realest.’

For those who like smooth sailing, head out to Nantucket, Massachusetts for the Figawi Race. Starting back in 1972, this little wager amongst friends to race from Hyannis Harbor to Nantucket harbor has now become a cherished regatta. Over 200 sailboats will fill the sound as thousands cheer them on kicking off the weekend and the summer!

We can’t list all the amazing things happening this weekend, but these should get you started. If you want to spend time outdoors and be active, check out your area for local cycling events, junior league baseball or softball or simply head outdoors. It’s sure to be a wonderful time.