Therapy Pods

Expedite your warm up, prevent muscle strain and fatigue during your workout and accelerate recovery afterwards. Heat therapy loosens tendons and ligaments, elevated compression improves blood flow to help you power through training and after. Cold therapy plus compression reduces swelling and inflammation.
Features & Design
  • Reusable Therapy Pods can be placed anywhere within the Snapbac gear
  • Available in 3 sizes:
    • Small (10.8" x 15.9") – targeted size for knees, elbows, calves
    • Medium (11.5" x 21") – standard size for most muscles groups
    • Large (14" x 26.7") – oversized to cover large areas including the back, hips or quads to maximize relief or accelerate warm up
  • MicroGrips on Therapy Pod fuse with mesh shell to stay in place so you can keep moving
  • Therapy Pods deliver active recovery, providing temperature therapy without inhibiting movement or activity
  • Slim ½" profile means recovery doesn't get in the way of getting on with your day
  • Dual Temperature Therapy Pods can be frozen or heated to provide the right type of therapy needed
  • Efficiently directs cold or heat treatment towards the body
  • MaxFlex technology ensures that Therapy Pods hold their shape, yet remain flexible – even when frozen – providing even distribution of cold or heat therapy
  • Temperature Control Integrity – Therapy Pods are proven to retain their coldest temperature with minimal cooling degradation (<10%)