Rest Done Right

Nothing wears and tears muscles more than performance, and that’s why the periods between one performance (or training session) and the next is critical time for rebuilding. We call this time frame Precovery.

What is Precovery?

Hot Therapy

Increases cellular metabolism, speeds capillary blood flow, reduces inflammation while relaxing and bringing nutrients to the muscles. Learn More

Cold Therapy

Decreases inflammation, increases central blood flow, speeding up muscle fiber repair and rebuilding. Learn More


Provides graduated pressure, improving venous blood flow while significantly reducing muscle vibration and post workout tissue swelling. Learn More

Heat loosens muscles before your workout and extra compression gives you stamina during your workout. When you’re finished, add cold and you’re into precovery, helping your muscles reknit and rebuild stronger. So you’ll go farther, jump higher, bike faster, dance longer, hit harder. In the chart below, you’ll see how proper Precovery impacts your next performance.

Precovery in Action

The harder you train, the smarter you have to rest. Our medical-grade compression provides an average of 2.8% improvement, adding in hot and cold therapy increases that improvement to 5-9%. What plateau? Read more about peak power gains in our white paper below.


Cold Therapy

No more sitting around for dripping ice packs taped around your arms and legs. Our patented mesh layer allows you to apply a cold pod anywhere right after a workout to help speed up muscle repairs.

Adapted for a fast paced life, Precovery puts you in control of your recovery so you can quickly be on your way.

Rest Harder

Rest doesn't mean you're lazy, it means you're optimizing - in the car, on the bus, in the park or while you’re grabbing something to eat.

Hot Therapy

Before you get back into it, hot therapy is great to help loosen your muscles, avoid injuries and maximize performance.

It’s not rocket science, it’s muscle science. If you heat, cool and compress with every workout, you'll perform better because you recover faster.