Aug 09, 2016

by Team Snapbac

Snapbac's patented interlocking Therapy Pods are revolutionary in their design. You can finally skip the dripping mess, the taping and waiting, just slip a Therapy Pod into place and keep moving. MicroGrip fusion means the Therapy Pods won't slip or slide. Therapy Pods hold their shape, yet remain flexible - even when frozen - providing even distribution of cold or heat therapy. The reusable Therapy Pods can be placed anywhere within the Snapbac gear and come in three sizes to meet your specific recovery needs:

  • Small (10.8" x 15.9"):  Targeted size for knees, elbows and calves
  • Medium (11.5" x 21"):  Standard size for most muscles groups
  • Large (14" x 26.7"):  Oversized to cover large areas including the back, hips or quads to maximize relief or accelerate warm up