Benefits of Snapbac

Reducing inflammation and helping muscles rebound shouldn’t feel like a second workout. Snapbac is Wearable Temperature Therapy; relief is fast, easy and won’t slow you down. This innovative and lightweight compression-based system allows you to apply cold or heat therapy directly to muscles, joints or anywhere needed – shoulder to elbow, hip to calf and everywhere in between. Snapbac’s industry-first 360° Tactical Support System keeps the Therapy Pods exactly where you put them, so you can continue your day with no bulky, dripping mess and no downtime; just accelerated recovery that keeps you in the game.

Additional benefits:

  • State-of-the-art athletic fit, molds to every muscle, curve and slope
  • Compression and cold therapy combined is proven to reduce recovery time
  • Cold and heat therapy reinvented - no mess, no bulk, no harsh bite of ice directly on skin
  • MicroGrips on Therapy Pods fuse with mesh layer to stay in place – no sliding, slipping or movement
  • Muscle-specific therapy, Therapy Pods can be placed anywhere
  • Allows full mobility –  stretch, walk, head home – there is no downtime
  • Target multiple areas at once
  • Reusable cold/heat Therapy Pods are flexible, even when frozen, to mold to shoulders, knees, any curve you have that needs relief
  • Breathable, odor-resistant, sweat-wicking fabric helps stabilize body temperature