Benefits of Compression

Snapbac combines the healing benefits of temperature therapy with the performance enhancing and recovery accelerating benefits of compression. It’s important to make sure you are using a truly compression fabric and not merely a compressive or tight garment. Snapbac uses a technical performance fabric, with 195 gsm providing a high level of compression. The design features elevated compression, which means it’s tightest at the extremities of the body and gradually decreases towards the torso. This promotes increased circulation towards the heart. Increasing circulation has many benefits both during physical activity and after.

At the beginning of a workout, increased blood flow means a faster warm up. During exercise, compression can help you gain extra seconds, increase your endurance and reduce damage. Muscle oxygenation is improved by increased circulation, which lessens muscle fatigue, helping you maintain stamina and power through. Compression also holds muscles firmly against the body to heighten muscle response and reduce muscle vibration for a reduction in micro damage.

Immediately after a workout, compression helps prevent the build-up of lactic acid in muscles accelerating muscle repair and reducing soreness.